Matla Quantity Surveyors is a Professional
Quantity Surveying practice, registered with
the council of South African Quantity Surveyors,
based in Pretoria, Tshwane.

Matla boasts a large and continuously growing client base ranging from large corporate and international clients, parastatal companies and organs of state to private developers and individual clients.


Over the years the company has extended its services to become actively involved in property development and project management making it possible to offer turn-key solutions to our clients.

It is the policy of this company to ensure that its clients receive the optimum advantage in terms of time and money spent on any of the projects in which this firm is involved. Our vision is to assist clients to utilize and achieve the full potential out of any project through maintaining the highest possible standards with regards to services to the client, punctuality, effectiveness and competence and through the quality of our documentation. The latter which we strive to be a reflection of our knowledge and experience, commitment and professionalism.


We strive to be committed in rendering the best and sustainable professional service to our clients by staying in touch with technology, applying contemporary and up-to-date principles to our work methods and constantly maintaining the highest level of integrity, ethics, principles and values, loyalty, secrecy and honesty. We pride ourselves on our punctuality and response times.

Direct personal commitment and involvement by all of the firm’s directors has always been a priority.


Every employee at Matla has a sincere passion for the Quantity Surveying Profession and we are constantly attempting to apply and maintain a new, modernized and up to date approach to all the projects we become involved in.


For this among other reasons and due to our policy of absolute commitment to any type and size project as well as motivated and genuine concern for the needs of the client, the company has enjoyed rapid but steady growth over the years.

Last Updated March 2019

Matla Quantity Surveyors is a Professional Quantity Surveying practice, registered with the council of South African Quantity Surveyors (Practice no. 1591), based in Pretoria, Tshwane.


Founded originally in 1981 as Strauss Verwayen & Partners and later SVP Quantity Surveyors, the company was restructured during 2005 and Matla Quantity Surveyors was officially established by Jannie Verwayen, Andrew Wiggins, De Wet Nel & Pluto Lekhuleni.


The company has a young and vibrant but, capable, experienced and sufficient staff compliment to deliver a range of professional services on a variety of projects extending beyond traditional and standard quantity surveying.

The Company's main objective is to maintain the highest possible standards with regards to:

  • Services to the client

  • Effectiveness and competence

  • Integrity, secrecy, honesty and loyalty

  • Quality of documentation

  • Experience and scope of knowledge
  • Application of the latest technology

  • Professionalism and true commitment

  • Punctuality and response time

  • Friendliness